Bike maintenance on a long ride: Know what to do and what not to do
Dec 14, 2020

Pulsar 150 Twin Disc on a bridge

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Julfiker Ahmed Siam is a Pulsar NS 160 user. Siam has been there with Pulsar NS 160 ever since NS160 began its journey here in Bangladesh. A few days ago, from 21 to 29 October, he travelled the entire Chittagong division, almost 2000 KM in total using a Pulsar 150 Twin Disc, an entirely new Pulsar to him. 

We were talking to Siam about what are the necessary maintenance that have to be done on a bike before going on a long ride.

Question: What necessary servicing needs to be done before going on a long ride on hilly roads?
Answer: This depends on the condition of the bike. I used a almost new Pulsar Twin Disc bike, so I didn’t have to do any servicing except a check-up at Begunbari Service center. But I will suggest everyone do a full checkup of their bikes at an authorised service center before they go on the ride.

Question: Like?
Answer: If the headlight is okay or not, are the nut bolts loose or not. Is the fog light working or not? Is the indicator light working or not?

Question: What about the brakes?
Answer: Yes, if the brakes are working fine and if it is clutching as it should. Is the brake shoe alright? These things. Brake shoes and brake pad should be changed if they are worn out or old. After the servicing, they should ride the bike on the road for one or two days, just to see if everything is alright. After that, they should go on their ride.

Question: Is there any problem where the engine gets overheated during long rides?
Answer: I haven’t faced such a problem with the Pulsar 150 Twin Disc during this tour. But some people use plastic guards as engine guards or to protect their bikes from mud. This hampers the engine’s air cooling. So, this should be avoided.

Question: What is the likelihood that someone might face battery related problems during long tours like this?
Answer: This could happen as those are hilly areas and require more power. That’s why the battery should be fully charged before going out on the ride. But I didn’t face any battery problem using the Pulsar 150 Twin during the tour.

Question: Should Mobil be carried?
Answer: Yes, it should be carried. If suddenly its necessity arises, you won’t face any problems then. Depends on how many kilos you are riding. Mobil gets burned more quickly on hilly areas. So it’s safe to keep at least an extra bottle. Recommended Engine Oil API JASOMA2 20W50 is to be used. Engine Oil is to be changed every 1000-1500 KMS from any authorised Bajaj Automobile outlet.

Question: Should the air and oil filters be changed?
Answer: If you open the air filter, you will be able to realize whether you should change it or clean it. If there is less dirt, then cleaning it would be enough. If there is a lot of dirt, then it’s better to change it. Oil filter should be changed every time you change the engine oil.

Question: Should the brake fluids be changed?
Answer: Not too frequently. Changing it after every 10,000 Kilometers is enough. It’s good to check them during servicing.

Question: Any other points you want to add?
Answer: Engine oil level to be checked, should be kept in between Min and Max level. Tyre pressure to be checked, rear brake, front brake, clutch lever is to be checked.
Lastly, during this ride I have used a new Pulsar 150 Twin Disc. That’s why it didn’t require much servicing.

But regardless of which bike you use, before going out on such a ride, check the above-mentioned stuff and service your bike.

Know the location of the service centers using maps or community groups, so that if any problem arises, you can go there quickly. You can also carry a small toolbox with you. So that if any problem arises, you can manage to go to the nearest service center yourself.